Essential Things to Do When Your Lease Term Ends

When you’re renting a home or a commercial space, there will come a time when your lease term ends. Many tenants opt to extend their lease if they wish to stay longer in that place. On the other hand, there are also people who just let it end and move on to a different location because of some reasons.

If you’re one of those who wants to find a new place, moving out is not just packing up and leaving. There are plenty of things that should be settled by the tenant for a smooth transfer. As a responsible tenant, here are the things you should do before your lease term ends.

Notify the Landlord in Advance

If you don’t have plans in renewing your lease then it is important that you notify the landlord in advance. You’ll know how much time you still have left in your stay by checking your lease documents. Notify the landlord that you won’t be renewing the lease by giving him a written notice of intent. This step is important because you’ll end up paying the next month’s rent or spending your security deposit if the landlord doesn’t know that you’re transferring.

Clean Up Thoroughly

Simply moving out and leaving all the mess to the next tenant can be tempting. However, it should not be the case if you’re a responsible tenant. This is one of the most common reasons why people lose their security deposit since the landlord will usually hire a cleaning crew and charge you for the cleaning services. Before moving out, clean the house thoroughly and leave it as close as possible to its original look. If you don’t have time to do the cleaning yourself, simply hire an end of lease cleaning Canberra services for a through clean.

Document the Current State of the Place

Before moving out, be sure to have a complete documentation of the place especially regarding the physical defects present at the moment you leave. You can do this easily through pictures but you may also have a written record if you prefer. This will protect you and serve as evidence just in case the landlord charges you of damages even after you’ve already moved out. Aside from that, when there are lesser defects present in the place, you can get more of your security deposit.

Leave Your New Address

To be sure that you get all the packages, letters, subscriptions and other things that lose their way to your old place, leave forwarding address to your landlord. Aside from that, don’t forget to contact the post office for an address change to have everything forwarded into your new place.

Being a responsible tenant is such a blessing to all landlords. When you’re planning to move out, be sure to do those 4 important steps for a smooth and problem-free transfer. Also, don’t forget to return both the original and duplicate keys to the landlord before you leave the place.

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