Tips for Running a Fashion Ecommerce Store

Love fashion and want to open up your own store? There may be a lot of things holding you back. Money is probably the biggest one. A brick and mortar store requires a huge investment. You have to pay for construction, staffing, security and stocking among other things.

Money is one of the reasons a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs prefer to open up ecommerce stores. Unlike opening a physical store, you’ll have to spend less than a third of the money to set up an ecommerce one. There are of course other benefits too like the ease of management which attracts a lot of first-time entrepreneurs. With the right ecommerce platform you can automate a lot of business operations.

That being said, ecommerce stores aren’t guaranteed to succeed. You still have to work hard at it like any other fashion entrepreneur. But we hope to help make things a bit easier with these excellent tips we’ve compiled:

Polish Your Customer Support

In the fashion industry, excellent customer support is key. Customers will expect you to answer all of their questions and provide speedy assistance when problems arise. If you fail to do this, be prepared to deal with a flood of negative reviews about your store. Therefore we highly recommend that you hire a capable team who are trained to handle customers in the most professional manner.

Focus On Retaining Your Customers

A lot of businesses will tell you that it’s much more cost-effective to cater to your existing customers than to acquire new ones. Therefore, make sure to give your existing customers some love. You can increase loyalty and thereby spending by making them feel special. You could, for instance, offer discounts that are exclusive for regular customers. It could even be something as simple as personalized thank you emails.

Build A Great Website

In fashion, appearance is everything. Customers judge everything with their eyes, especially when shopping online. Therefore having a website which looks and functions terribly will reflect poorly on your website. A good fashion ecommerce website should be:

  • Clean, with no clutter and a streamlined navigation experience.
  • Highly operational – the shopping experience from browsing to checkout should work smoothly.
  • Attractive – instead of stock images, we recommend that you hire models and a professional photographer to show off your catalogue.

You’ll need a great ecommerce platform to host the website and we recommend using Magento. It’s got everything you need to run a successful fashion store- from easy page builders to analytics and marketing tools. While Magento is easy to work with, we suggest that you consult expert Magento developers during the initial setup and integration.

Stick to A Niche

While you can appeal to a multiple demographics by selling a variety, it’s a lot of hard work. If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a large team, we recommend that you first stick to one fashion niche and become an expert in it.

Write Great Descriptions

Make your catalogue feel special by describing each article in a vibrant way that appeals to the customer. For example, instead of describe a pair of leggings as ‘black, high rise’ you could write something more personal like ‘these leggings are designed for people who like to maintain maximum comfort while they workout’.

Running a fashion ecommerce store is hard work. We trust these five tips will help you get closer to success.

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