How to Market a B2B Product

The typical advertising techniques that work for B2C products don’t always work for B2B products equally. Your business clients may not be impressed by a listicle or a trending Instagram post. Business clients seek highly technical information, not marketing slogans, in promotional material. Therefore, it can be quite tricky to pin down the exact type of tactic that would reach a target B2B audience. However, there are several techniques known to be effective in this regard. Here are some ideas:

Create a Whitepaper

A whitepaper historically refers to a document detailing a legislative proposal. But over time, the word has come to mean a professional document detailing a product or a service with promotional intentions in mind. Unlike a marketing brochure or a booklet, this type of document is very detailed, in-depth and offers accurate information from an authoritative point of view. These documents do not use fluffy promotional language and often make use of data. It’s one of the best known ways to get your product in front of highly discerning B2B clients. Creating this type of paper is not easy and requires highly professional and technical scribing skills. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to hire a whitepaper writing service for the job.

Aim for a Business Journal Article

Business executives in any industry have a list of journals or publications they read regularly to stay on top of what’s trending in the industry. Do your research and find out what type of publications your B2B target audience prefers to read. Then do your best to have a journal article written about your product or service. Business publication articles have enormous influence over reader preferences. If it’s really not possible to get an article written, at least offer sponsored content to create brand awareness. Do not ignore publication platforms because, unlike with regular customers, these still wield influence over business clients.

Create Explainer Videos

Business clients are just as attention deficit as regular customers, perhaps even more so. Your product has a small window to impress a business client shuttling between meetings. One of the best way to pitch your product to a client is via an explainer video. These are largely similar to promotional videos in the B2C sector, but tend to be more professionally made and also more informative. Explainer videos for business clients are short but deliver all the necessary information. These video avoid gimmicky language and are designed with the right buzzwords that would appeal to a business client. Creating explainer videos don’t require shooting. Budgets can be kept quite low, but do invest in getting a quality product either made in-house or from a third-party.

Hold a Webinar

Business clients love webinars and holding one would be just what your product needs to get attention. B2B webinars are commonly used to generate leads. According to some estimates, webinars can generate close to 40 percent or even more leads when executed properly. Make sure you follow-up on a webinar to keep potential clients interested. Even if a client doesn’t make a purchase right away, the webinar will keep your brand name in the minds of the attendees. Recorded webinars can also be repurposed later as online content or explainer videos.

B2B marketing is slightly different from B2C, but the idea is the same. Use the above suggestions to get a head start in your B2B promotional campaign.

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