How to Obtain an SSL Security Certification in 2018

At the very end of 2017, Google announced that it is discontinuing HTTPS certificates issued for Chrome by Symantec security brand. That means, if your sit obtained a Symantec SSL certificate in the past years, it will no longer show a “trusted” site in 2018 and beyond. Chrome web users will have to rely on a different type of certificate to show visitors that their site is trusted and secured. So how can your company obtain a new SSL certificate, and does it even need to? Read below to find out:

Avoiding the Symantec Fiasco

Symantec has been a trusted brand for online security for years. However, the site’s SSL certificate issuance system is quite flawed, as it turns out. Chrome has been wary of Symantec certificates because the certificate is known to protect dubious websites. Google was issuing “not trusted” warnings as early as October of the past year for Symantec SSL certificates. By March 2018, all support would be discontinued, Google has announced.

This indicates a major shift for SSL certificates. Websites will have to replace all certificates issued before June 2016. It’s highly recommended to replace newer certificates as well. Symantec is currently in the process of improving its DigiCert structure, supposed to be completed by December 2017.

Google has said that when Chrome version 70 rolls around, it would distrust all SSL certificated with Symantec tools unless the certificate was independently issued by auditors made known to Google. So even if a site owner replaced a Symantec SSL certificate early this year, the new one would soon require replacement as well.

How to Get a New SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is not just a valuable encryption packet, it’s also a highly valued tool that communicates to customers that a website is highly secure. Customers these days immediately look at the HTTPS segment to see if a website is secure or not. Losing SSL certificate support means that a website can expect to lose a number of conversions.

Therefore, early in the year, it’s highly recommended to obtain a new SSL certificate not issued by Symantec. There are service providers like that offers reputed alternatives like GeoTrust for SSL certificates. Prices for these certificates vary from $100 a year and up. Customers can choose the type of certificate depending on the size of the website and the business operation.

It’s highly recommended to obtain a new SSL certificate as soon as possible to keep your site secure.

Cybersecurity Beyond SSL

An SSL certificate is only one way to secure a commercial website hosting. The encryption here only works between a website and the web browser. Any other data transmission point, therefore, could pose a major threat. That’s why having only an SSL certificate won’t protect your website from hackers.

There are certainly other steps you can take to secure your website. For example, using random passwords or installing a bug detector script for your site’s source code are known to be effective methods. In any case, think outside the box when it comes to cybersecurity.

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