5 Highly Effective Ways to Do Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

Serious digital marketers know that traffic is not all a website needs. While SEO brings traffic, the statistic that really matters is the conversion rate. That is, how many people visiting the website actually end up becoming customers, subscribers, downloaders or viewers. On the bright side, there are several things site operators can do to nudge the conversion rate in the positive direction. This is known as conversion rate optimisation or CRO. Read below for several tried and tested CRO tips to try:

1.    Aim for Micro-Commitment

Does your website still require visitors fill out a long form to subscribe or download something? If that is the case, then your site’s conversion rate is probably suffering a lot. Modern web users do not commit to time-consuming form filling to get what they need. They prefer to get what they need in the least amount of time as possible. This is called micro-commitment. If you want visitors to convert, then your site needs to undergo changes to make it super simple and easy for visitors to sign up or subscribe. Get rid of long forms and make the process multi-step instead. In a multi-step process, instead of filling out a long form, visitors go step by step filling boxes. It creates an instant send of accomplishment so visitors are less likely to abandon the site.

2.    Use a Heat Map to Place Important Component

Are your website’s call-to-action buttons, advertisements, and other similar components placed properly? The web page should have important components places in areas where it is most likely to attract the visitor’s attention. To do this, use a heat map, which is a tool that shows which parts of your site show the most user activity. Use heat map data to then arrange important components, like CTA buttons.  Using heat maps require accumulating a lot of data. If your team doesn’t have the expertise for this, call the experts, like www.appscore.com.au in Australia.

3.    Create a Sense of Urgency

This is a common mantra when it comes to getting visitors to take an action on the landing page. Don’t expect visitors to be cool about clicking on the CTA button. Users may delay it as most of us are procrastinators. Inspire the traffic to actually convert by creating a sense of urgency. For example, an offer can be for a limited time. A discount would only be available for a week. Likewise, give visitors a timely reason to take action right now and not later.

4.    Create Multiple Landing Pages for Multiple Sources of Traffic

A single landing page might suffice for getting traffic to your site. However, a single landing page is not sufficient for converting traffic that comes from multiple sources. The landing page should be optimised for the target audience. This may mean changing keywords targeting different audiences. Therefore, do spend time to create landing pages for different sources of traffic for optimal conversions.

5.    Emphasize Trustworthiness

Most web users these days are reluctant to disclose emails and credit card information because of rising concerns about cybercrime. Therefore, built an obviously secure website to ease these concerns and build trust with incoming traffic. Get an SSL security certificate for landing pages. It’s also worthwhile to address security concerns and write a sentence or two reassuring visitors how your site keeps their information secure.


Use the above suggestions to increase the conversion rate for your marketing efforts significantly. Always remember that SEO is a waste of money without CRO.

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